Part 1: Understand better what topic performed in Discover. Use NLP entity detection and Google Search Performance keywords

The idea

The code:

How to:

1) Create a Google Sheet

2) Create a project in Google Cloud Platform

  • Cloud Functions API (this needs a billing account)
  • Google Sheets API
  • Cloud Build API (this needs a billing account)
  • Google Search Console API
  • Google Cloud Scheduler API

3) Create a service account + a json keyfile

GIFs dataset:

Stickers dataset:

More about:

  • Sheet “tenortop” works with 5000 qualified tenor top 10.000 single-word keywords. E.g. like
  • Sheet “trending” works with trending searches of Giphy
  • All the other sheets are Giphy categories and their sub-category keywords
  • Currently, data is updated every 6 hours.

How to clean up here

1) With just a perfect Giphy account your won’t be visible

  • high search volume
  • not so much competition
  • most used hashtags of successful competitors
  • and probably some related searches.
  • (looking forward to get some feedback about what else you check…)

High Search Volume

  • Being mentioned in the top X bucket on Tenor Insights…

Check the video about this blogpost

Field data and lab data

  • Network conditions / CPU consumption can differ
  • Your site is dynamic. Sometime elements will load sometimes not. E.g. Ads
  • Browser and devices of your users behave different than your test device

Tobias Willmann

Head of #SEO at

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