How to change the Knowledge Graph / (information on the right in Google Search) as an artists, DJs or musician

You ever wondered if and how you could change the information on the right column in Google’s search results?

This part of the search result is called Knowledge Graph and it can be influenced / changed. In addition it’s possible to add additional information here to for example promote your last release, event or anything else. Directly in premium position in Google Search. Amazing right?

This guide is for every artist who already see some Knowledge Graph in Google. E.g. like this:

or this (a new currently unedited knowledge panel) on mobile

If you don’t see anything here, you first need to trigger the panel. More about that in another upcoming guide. It can be that your knowledge panel is kind of hidden. In this case there is something on the right, but it’s not a Knowledge Graph.

Just click to find out. Here you go.

There are multiple options:

  • Google Search Console: If your have a website (which you should have as an artist)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

In some cases you may see this screen first

Google is recommending options based on what they found. In German this looks like this:

With Facebook you need to connect to a Facebook Page e.g.

If you have been verified successfully Google shows you the options you now have:

You can send posts which will be shown in Google Search if someone is looking for you as an DJ. Check this: “Posts on Google” is in a premium position above the first search result:

The backend to edit this looks like this and is self-explanatory:

Edit / send posts

If you are verified go here to edit your information or send posts

These are the options to post to the Knowledge Graph as an artist

Manage your presence on Search

Click the edit pen

and change the main picture + add accounts

The main picture will be the first / or only picture in the knowledge panel

Manage users

You as an artist, DJ or musician should always be the owner of your account. Best would be to verify it with your website. But its useful to have managers for your account to get stuff updated. An SEO expert can for you

You can add users here:

You need help

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