How to use Google Search Console API and Google Cloud Functions with Javascript/nodejs to push search performance data to Google Sheets

Tobias Willmann
3 min readFeb 13, 2021

This solution does not require you to manage auth or any keys because it’s running with a service account inside Google Cloud environment. So this may be super fast way to start with GSC API.

The json file is just needed for local development. Be careful. Your production version should not use it. If you want and need to manage auth check

The code:

How to:

1) Create a Google Sheet

and name the sheet e.g. “Output”

2) Create a project in Google Cloud Platform

add APIs

  • Cloud Functions API (this needs a billing account)
  • Google Sheets API
  • Cloud Build API (this needs a billing account)
  • Google Search Console API
  • Google Cloud Scheduler API

3) Create a service account + a json…