Top brands and artists on Giphy: Two datasets with best-ranked accounts in GIFs and Stickers

Tobias Willmann
1 min readSep 12, 2020


If you ever wanted to know which brands and artists are most successful on Giphy in terms of rankings for popular searches… here you go

These two Google Spreadsheets for GIFs and Stickers list the Giphy users ranked most often in the top 25 per category, in trending and for 5000 search terms, which are in Tenors Top 10.000 bucket

GIFs dataset:

Stickers dataset:

More about:

  • Sheet “tenortop” works with 5000 qualified tenor top 10.000 single-word keywords. E.g. like
  • Sheet “trending” works with trending searches of Giphy
  • All the other sheets are Giphy categories and their sub-category keywords
  • Currently, data is updated every 6 hours.
  • I’m using node.js + GitHub action to scrape the data… on a Self-hosted runner (which can fail)
Example Screenshot

Questions, bugs …

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